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Judy Usage Examples

Judy Usage Examples

The author attempted to write interesting application notes using advanced features of Judy. However, some may be a little out of date.

  • Judy_hashing.pdf
    How to use Judy to create a scalable hash table with outstanding performance and automatic scaling, while avoiding the complexity of dynamic hashing.

  • content_addressable_memory.pdf
    Determine which of a set of variable-size objects residing in memory contains a specific address.

  • judysl.pdf
    Intro to how JudyL was used to create an associative array (JudySL).

  • count_by_value.pdf
    How can the sum of a set of array values over a large, arbitray, spans of data quickly be determined? That is, how can the sum be determined faster than summing each individual value?

  • design_rule_checking.pdf
    Given a set of rectangles, how quickly can you find all the rectangles that touch any given rectangle? Touch means that if you considered the rectangles to be solid, there would be at least one point in common.

  • work_load_analyzer.pdf
    How does disk cache size affect performance for accessing large ( terabyte or greater) disk units? Or at a more detailed level, how can we rapidly count the number of unique disk I/O requests that take place between any two requests for the same disk address?

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