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1.0.0 Version (September 2004)

  • Complete Autoconfisication of Judy + layout restructuring
  • Removed previous build environment
  • Change INSTALL_IT back to INSTALL

0.1.6 Version (June 2004), never really relased and merges into 1.0.0

  • See src/sh_build in case of 'make' failures
  • The is an endian-neutral version I.E. (jp_DcdPop0 deleted)
  • Should not require any special platform specific compile flags
  • Includes JudyHS*() -- very fast, scalable string version
  • JudyHS*() is still preliminary and may need additional functionality.
  • See test/manual/StringCompare.c for comparing different 'string' ADT's
  • Deleted files: JudyMalloc.h, JudySL.h, JudySearch*
  • All malloc() and free() is done thru interface routines in JudyMalloc.c
  • Judy.h should work on all platforms that conform to ISO standards.
  • After trying on many platforms, was changed to
  • jbgraph has some 'bash/ksh' isms that need to be removed.
  • See test/manual/testjbgraph for plotting performance graphs
  • 'libtools' stuff is in unknown shape.
  • Does not "mangle" the root pointer (so old valgrind is not confused)
  • Conform to standard "C"
  • Change INSTALL to INSTALL_IT because it confused "make install"
  • To he man pages need work to clean up the .html to be portable
  • Plus hundreds of changes to make the source more portable.

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